graeme clegg - motivational speaker and chairman of the New Image Group.

graeme cleggGraeme Clegg is a much sought after motivational speaker within New Zealand and throughout Asia.

As Chairman of the New Image Group he is best known as one of the pioneers of health products and direct selling in the Asia Pacific region with a range of health and nutritional products.

The New Image Group Of Companies:
Comprises of two main divisions – the direct selling arm trading under the New Image brand and the wholesale arm trading under the BioActive and Symbiotic brands.

The Direct Selling Arm:
New Image, was founded in 1984, by Graeme Clegg. It is New Zealand’s oldest direct sales company and is one of the pioneers of multi-level marketing of health and nutritional products in the Asia Pacific region.

From it's base in Auckland, New Image reaches customers through a group of independent representatives in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

Multi-level marketing, or direct selling, avoids the costs of conventional warehousing, distribution and retailing methods, passing good value to the customer and providing profit margins directly to the representative. Each New Image representative buys directly from his local New Image company and is, in effect, running his or her own small business with complete control over the destiny of that business.

Initial product offerings were Ultra Diet, developed from the Harvard Medical School concept and based on low carbohydrate intake and K28 – an energy food, developed from the German research scientist and Nobel Prize winner Hans Kreb’s work on the energy cycle of 28 ingredients. The range then expanded to cover vitamin and mineral supplements as well as skincare products.

In later years, colostrum based products were added to the range in the form of drink powders, capsules and tablets. Special formulations were developed in house to improve ingestion of the colostrum into the human body.

New Image is a member of the Direct Sellers Association in New Zealand. Members abide by a code of practice based on the World code. The code covers consumer rights, privacy and information protection, complaints procedures, advertising / after sales service, and recruitment of representatives.

In New Zealand the direct selling market is estimated to be worth $214 million in sales with over 100, 000 distributors. This is small compared to Europe with sales in the vicinity of US$11,000 billion and Japan US$30,000 billion.

The Wholesale Arm
The BioActive and Symbiotics brands were developed to specialize in customised formulations of bioactive products based on colostrum. This part of the business services retail operations in New Zealand and exports to South East Asia and Europe.

The main product focus of the group is colostrum. This is the pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers during the first few days after a baby is born and is the only product in nature specifically designed to boost a mammal’s immune system. The New Image Group of companies used bovine (cow) colostrum which contains up to 20 times more immune factors than human colostrum. Colostrum is non-species specific and can significantly benefit all other mammals, including humans. New Image was one of the pioneers in developing colostrum products with the nutritional supplement “Alpha Lipid Lifeline” being one of the first colostrum products to hit the market. Thousands of clinical trials have been conducted confirming colostrums health giving properties. Colostrum is taken to help ward of viruses and is taken by many sportsman to assist their recovery after significant activity when the immune system has been weakened and the body is susceptible to infection.

With most business overseas and in particular in South East Asia, New Image was affected by the Asian crisis in the late 1990’s. However, the group is recovering and has been awarded with no less than three TradeNZ Export Awards. The first in 1992 – a TradeNZ Export Commendation to New Image International; in 2003 BioActive Technologies International received a TradeNZ Export Award and in 2004 The New Image Group was awarded the title Agritech, Life Sciences and BioTechnology Exporter of the Year.